Deering Terry Baucom Banjo 

Capture the sound of the “Duke of Drive”, Terry Baucom! Designed with Terry’s hard driving bluegrass style in mind, this incredible American Walnut banjo features a light weight bell bronze 20 hole Deering tone ring. Terry also chose the traditional Deering neck shape for optimum comfort and for the fast and accurate fretting demanded by his hard-driving playing style.  Set up includes an 11/16″ bridge with slightly wider string spacing and a head tuned to A. This magical banjo is loud and resonant, perfect for hard driving bluegrass music and any other style you wish to play on it!


Deering 40th Anniversary Limited Edition White Oak Banjo 

In the culmination of their 40th anniversary celebration, the Great American Banjo Company adds to its illustrious accomplishments with yet another innovation in the history of banjo. Deering invites you to own a piece of history that serves as a reminder of Greg Deering’s lifelong pursuit to cement the status of the banjo as a true American icon.

Limited to only 40 pieces and featuring a brand new, patent-pending White Oak rim, this banjo is one of the most unique Deering has ever heard. The string response is effortless; crystalline notes ring with the resonance of a church bell, loud and clear, with precise note clarity at on every single fret, a well-known hallmark of all Deering banjos. This sparkling tone is only enhanced by an unparalleled sustain that brings out the best in this instrument’s character. It is simply a delight to play. And here is perhaps the most unique aspect of the 40th anniversary model; it does not feature a tone ring. When you hear it, you will have a hard time believing it. And Deering predicts that many players will appreciate the comparatively lighter weight of this latest innovation in their long history of banjo manufacture.


Deering Deluxe Banjo
The Deering Deluxe truly stands out as a banjo with its own tone.  The maple neck gives the banjo a perfect balance of brightness and warmth.  When paired with the -06- bell bronze tone ring, the Deluxe comes alive and gives you a banjo that will stand out from the pack. Built with Deering’s genuine bell bronze tone ring, three ply violin grade maple rim and one piece, cast, zinc resonator flange, this Deluxe is as easy to play as it is beautiful. The mother of pearl inlay in the peghead, is the very first Deering logo designed by Greg Deering for his first banjo in 1969. The multicolor binding and high gloss finish enhance the gold and perloid inlays on the exotic, natural ebony fingerboard. “The inspiration for the inlay artwork comes from the early Boston banjo masters.” One of Deering’s oldest and most popular models, this banjo brings the power, easy playability and maintenance together in a beautiful, historically important banjo that is just as much at home on the front porch as it is on the road. It truly is a Deluxe banjo.                        



Deering Sierra Banjo
Deering’s most popular professional grade banjo for almost 30 years. Deering manufactures the Sierra as affordably as possible and still retain all of the high end features that affect the tone and playability. Simple detailing allows us to keep the cost down, while still giving you all the important components of a high quality banjo.


Deering Goodtime Special Banjo
It is first and foremost a very playable instrument that is built to be durable and travel easily, while being a superb sounding banjo that pleases audiences. The vintage look and vibrant tone of the patented Goodtime Special tone ring set this banjo apart, as clearly louder than the Goodtime Two and great for playing in a band setting. The Goodtime Special has the Deering fiddle shaped peghead. The Special can be heard with a sweet voice with sustain that compliments all the instruments in a band. Tuned to an open G Chord, with the spikes already installed, you can easily play in other keys. The Goodtime Special is an achievement in keeping the cost down while providing an instrument that will stay in tune and perform reliably because it is made with precision by skilled American craftsmen. This is a comfortably playable banjo with a wonderfully bright tone. It is a solid dependable instrument that is immensely playable with excellent tonality and clarity.


Deering Goodtime Openback Banjo

Deering’s best selling Goodtime model, this blonde beauty is the perfect banjo to learn on and sets the standard for all others in its price range. At just over 4 lbs., it is ideal for traveling, hiking, taking to the beach, or wherever you have Goodtimes!


Gibson Mastertone Banjo
This 1954 Gibson started life as a TB-1. We added a Blaylock custom tone ring like Jim Mills uses on his banjos, as well as a new custom made neck with stainless steel frets and traditional master tone inlays.