Bailey 0012 guitar (sold – available as custom build)
This guitar is based on the classic Martin style 000-12 fret guitar. Sitka Spruce top, with Rosewood back and sides, and Snakewood binding.

Bailey 33 Guitar (sold – available as custom build)
This guitar is based on the Gibson L-00 from the 1930s. We improved on the original design by using a scalloped bracing system and a cutaway. It has a modern C-shaped neck with Rosewood back and sides. The strings are balanced nicely from low E to high E and overall the guitar has a nice bluesy growl.

Bailey 50 – 5 string Guitar
Think banjo. It is a guitar for banjo players. All of your banjo licks work on this guitar as well as some interesting things while using some alternative tuning like double C. Banjo players can expand their world.


Bailey 051 D18 Guitar
Our version of the D-18 pre-war guitar. Sitka spruce top with high quality Honduran mahogany back and sides. Forward shifted bracing and is fully scalloped. Minimal satin lacquer finish, just like the older pre-war guitars.


Bailey 054

Our version of the J45 Gibson, with improved bracing for more response. Sitka Spruce top and South American Mahogany back and sides.  Three piece neck made from Mahogany and Cocobolo, with art deco inlays and Rosewood fretboard.


Loar Archtop Guitar
Modeled after American designs from the early 20th century, The Loar’s LH-600 archtop guitar is carved from select, graduated woods for unparalleled acoustic projection. The LH-600 is a replica of the original archtop acoustic guitars from the 1920s. This guitar features a top carved from graduated spruce, and hand-carved figured maple back and sides. With its classic archtop, carved body and vintage design, this is a great-sounding guitar that archtop enthusiasts will love.


Kinnaird Custom Acoustic Guitar
Made in Swannanoa, NC by John Kinnaird.  The back and sides are Honduras rosewood, top is Lutz wood, binding is blood wood and the overlay is ebony.  Tuners are gotoh tuners. It’s a short scale (25 inch) Manzer wedge design.


Recording King RD-T16 Dreadnought Guitar with Torrefied Top

Torrefaction is a curing process that reduces impurities in the wood and results in weight reduction and increased stiffness, producing a similar chemical transformation as wood that has been dried for decades. The end result is a lightweight, extra resonant top that produces similar tone to a vintage instrument that’s been loved and played for years.  The solid torrefied Adirondack spruce top provides the foundation for RK’s Torrefied Series Dreadnought. The tone of the torrefied top is impressive, and when paired with the mahogany back & sides results in guitars with extra punch, projection and warm, vintage-style tone everywhere on the fretboard.


Recording King RP1-16C Cutaway Guitar with Torrefied Top
RK used solid torrefied Adirondack spruce tops as the foundation for the RP1-16C, including a 12-fret single 0 cutaway with a dreadnought scale. Not only do these guitars benefit from the vintage tone of the torrefied top, but the dreadnought scale gives them additional punch and projection beyond what you’d expect from a traditional 0 guitar. The RP1-16C is the perfect instrument for fingerstyle players thanks to the cutaway and 1-3/4” nut, delivering even, vintage-style tone everywhere on the fretboard.


Santa Cruz D12 Guitar
Legendary artist and first call session ace, Norman Blake, has long appreciated the power and sensitivity of the original dreadnought design with 12 frets clear of the body. SCGC’s prototype D-12 Model was commissioned to showcase Norman’s playing style by adding clarity and sustain for an articulate response to the flat pick. Building a guitar with 12 frets clear of the body creates more air volume, which allows greater amplitude and sustain. The hand tuned X-bracing insures increased bass response, while the top voicing and 4-1/4 inch soundhole size combine to achieve great presence in all ranges. This eliminates the tendency of the traditional dreadnought towards boominess at the expense of midrange and treble. The controlled integrity of mahogany sides and back impart clarity and definition to the guitar’s complex acoustic presence. The D-12’s sheer volume, complexity and incredible sustain make it a truly inspiring stage partner.


Santa Cruz VS Guitar
In addition to the VA Model, the 1930s Advanced Jumbo, J-45 and the iconic early ’60s Epiphone Texan also lent their considerable retro cool to the origins of the Vintage Southerner model. Each one of these guitars was a favorite of several of SCGC’s veteran luthiers and so inspired this regal compliment to the SCGC VJ model. The must-have feature of the SCGC VS is the shorter, 24-3/4 inch scale length. It is so yielding to the touch that fretting and reach are a pleasure. The scale puts the bridge in the optimal position to produce the comforting, growling presence of an old blues recording. The VS will respond with considerably more refined quality than the oldies, while inspiring room to grow throughout your musical career. $4,355

Fender Stratocaster (used)

American made with Humbucker pickup.  Comes with hard shell case.


Wechter Solid Body Electric Guitar

Delivers distinctive styling and upscale features. Mahogany neck, ebony ’board, and a mahogany body with a 3/4″ flamed maple cap.  Seymour Duncan pickups and Triple Shot mounting rings allow the two coils in each pickup to be run in series or parallel. Either coil of each pickup can also be switched off for single coil flavors, and there’s a mini-toggle that puts the two pickups out of phase. Separate Volume controls for the bridge and neck pickups.  The body cut and shallow neck shape are both very comfortable, and the high frets make bending easy, even with the low action. The ebony fretboard and maple cap conspire to create a bright instrument with a quick attack and highly defined notes.


Wechter Dreadnaught Guitar
6-string Dreadnought acoustic guitar with spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and nato neck. High-gloss natural finish.